Brazils Pele remains the greatest player ever  Form SupEagl

2022-12-29 01:35:19

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Brazils Pele remains the greatest player ever  Former Super Eagles captain, Sunday Oliseh says

FormerSuper Eagles captain and coach, Sunday Oliseh, believes both Argentine playmaker Lionel Messi and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo are not to beconsidered the greatest footballer to have ever played the game.

According to Oliseh, Brazils hero Pele is the greatest of all time. Pele has wonan incredible three FIFA World Cups during an illustrious playing career spanning two decades, and is also the inspiration behind many successful modern footballers.

Asked to name the greatest football player ever, Oliseh responded, This is who everybody is getting inspiration from to excel in their football careers. His name is Pele.

He is the greatest player of all time, G.O.A.T. You cannot win three world cups, and anybody will want to compete with you.

I know people, especially the young ones, will not be happy with my choice, but those of us who are elderly can identify with him.

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How? Please explain? These old people keep talking trash. Messi is the GOAT! End of discussion.

Big you know what it means to win the world cup 3 times? Messi won it once and hes the GOAT to you. Pls cast sentiments aside and be objective. Black man mentality.

u b confirmed sule. do u know what it means to win world cup at tender age

What does Oliseh know about football? Did he even watch Pele play?


Oga, Pele won along with other players just as Messi did. Messi is the greatest when you look at his individual honours along side with what he does for his teams plus the trophies won. You dont just call up trophies. Ok, look at it this way. Would you say Giroud and Ozil are better than Christian Ronaldo just because they have won the world cup ahead of him? No. Older men in Africa always think they are right against the younger ones. Thats a fallacy. We have seen Pele football tapes. No one is like Leo. Pele is a goal machine not a play maker. Delima is a goal machine not a play maker. Zizou is a play maker not a goal machine. Dinho is a play maker not a goal machine. C Ronaldo is a goal machine not a play maker. Name them but only Leo Messi has both attributes of a play maker and a goal machine oga. Even the great Maradonna is a play maker and not a goal machine. Oga, no one is like Leo Messi..

Pele remains the best! Black people no get sense dey shout Messi, FIFA trying to change history like everything for this world and they have given white people the accolades! Pele remains the best

I didnt think of this ooooooooo... YOU ARE RIGHT. I change my mind from today. PELE is greatest.... France is fully of African players and France has featured in 4 World Cup finals and won 2 so Africans are the MOST VALUABLE FOOTBALL PLAYERS in EUROPE and AMERICAN push football... If you hate my comment, you are a disgrace to the mother that birth you.. Pro black.. Pan African.... Thank you my brother for enlightening me... This world is about Messi vs Ronaldo.. Pele is in a league of his own...with Muhammed Ali...AMEN..

Dont be narrow minded...wetin be black and white for this discussion... appreciate beauty so beauty nourishes objective...for me: 1. Messi 2. ARMAUNDO 3. Pele 4. Ronaldo Nazario 5. Ronaldinho 6. Zizou 7. Rivaldo 8. Cruyff 9. Others

This is not about Black people or not. Messi have won everything there is in European football and the World. So he deserves to be acknowledged as the Greatest in the game. That Pele won four World cups in the 20th century could make him great in the phase of World football. That messi won one made a stamp that he has been there and done that. Same as we can say for Pele. But considering all other trophies where Pele lacked or failed, Messi has cover it all, and that my friend, is wonderful and fascinating. Hence, Messi should be acknowledged as the greatest of all time.

he is black but identifies as a Brazilian and not your pathetic African descent you moron

Black pple sha, the little wey we get, make we atleast protect am! Serena Williams should be the greatest, but dem oyinbo quiet, Hamilton for formula 1 should be the greatest but dem oyinbo keep quiet, when are we going to start protecting our own!!!

Football was easier in Pele time. The rules were easier online today where you have VAR. There was back pass in Pele time. There was no semi final in one of the world cup Pele won. Think twice before drawing conclusion. Messi is the GOAT

Pele is the greatest of all time even though he never played in Europe. He won three world cups when football was still developing hence less competitive. Class for yourself Oliseh. You never make sense. And How old are you to have watched pele played?

guy shut up this is not about black versus white. did pele win it for nigeria?. messi is the best along side pele. abeg sunday which one you win

Go and check and verify. Pele couldnt win Ballon dor because the award was only given to Europeans. However, France Football had to award him with SEVEN ballon dors. So Pele has 7 Ballon Dors

Facts above sentiments! Based on pedigree, you are right, Oliseh. I guess Messi is the greatest of recent times...

Ill argue this with my full... Pele didnt achieve what Messi and Ronaldo has achieved

During the time of Pele, Football was not as competitive as at the time of Messi. And not to talk of the Number of Countries that play the world then that were very few

Word. To be sincere, if you watch Peles clips on YouTube, you will be amazed, man is way ahead. Messi is not the goat of football, Ronaldo is ahead of him, Ronaldo conquered, England, Spain, Italy, Messi hasnt and the first time he left his comfort zone, he performed terribly, scored four goals in 31 matches. Its either Pele or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Useless olliesh did he watch pele play? They told him . Nonsense

Rubbish,no wonder in your playing time,even African footballer of the year u no win

PELE is a true legend but in all honesty, there are lots of trophies he never won that Messi has won. Agreed, he won the world Cup a record 3 times but he never won Copa America, He never won Olympic gold, He never won champions league because a huge part of his playing career was in Brazil, He never won the world club cup

Bruh what you mentioned like champions league were all things that came later after THE legend Pele had long retired. How old are you? You people are funny. Pele growing up was a pioneer both inside and outside football, just like Ali. He helped Brazil win three World Cup some almost single handily. Your Messi is just winning his first at age 35, in an era where the game has been modified so much you can barely go near a striker or even raise your hand as a defender to defend your face without conceding a penalty. Did you know PELE WAS SO TARGETED IN ONE OF THE WORLD CUPs they fractured his legs. Those were the days when football were challenging to play, YET IN THAT ERA HE WON THREE WORLD CUPS. You Johnny just arrive people are just too funny, never do your research except follow western media and accept and regurgitate whats been promoted.

I used to think that those finesse shorts that curl round the keeper were a recent shooting skill until I watched Pele goals on YouTube.

From this Sunday talk i know say na APC Tinubu him believe from his comment : but those of us who are elderly can identify with him. YEYE MAN.

Shut the up!!! The best player in the history of Mankind is Ronaldinho

Lionel Messi all days, everyday...... GOAT!!!!..... signed, sealed and delivered!

Baba we know say you be C.ronaldo fan judging from your comments on the first penalty he scored at the world cup. If na Ronaldo win this world cup you no fit talk like this.

This is simply why you failed as a Coach

He has been and still the best of his generation. Its difficult to compare players over several generations. The most intelligent player i have ever seen for sure. This Cristiano talk was never true and the comparison never made any sense whatsoever. Messi is in a class of his own! Undisputed best ever footballer! Messi was the undisputed GOAT since 2012 based on football abilities, prime and stats. The World Cup just elevated him to the Footballs highest level that is impossible to reach. We should have a debate on whether ho is the 2nd greatest player ever from now o, cos 1st is Messi.

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