EVERA Diamonds 14K Gold 7 Stone Diamd Ring

2023-01-09 22:55:39

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Available in a range of different versions and sizes, this 7 stone diamond ring from EVERA is sure to bring the sparkle and shine! Whether you prefer white or yellow gold, youre sure to find the one that suits you perfectly and finished every look with elegant sophistication. Get yours today at a fabulous showstopper value, right here at TSC!

• 14K gold (choice of yellow gold or white gold)

• (7) oval shape, prong set and faceted lab grown diamonds (0.52 av. ctw, 1.05 av. ctw or 1.81 av. ctw)

• Diamond clarity: VS2; diamond colour: EF

• Average gram weight: 1.40 (0.52 av. ctw), 2.10 (1.05 av. ctw), or 2.30 (1.81 av. ctw)

• Measures approximately 1/8 wide (0.52 av. ctw), just over 1/8 wide (1.05 av. ctw), or just under 1/8 wide (1.81 av. ctw), knuckle to knuckle

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